Health benefits of garlic!

I’ve decided to post some nutritional information about some ingredients I use regularly from time to time to remind everyone to eat healthy :) 

GARLIC! Definitely the most frequently used ingredient in our kitchen! There are thousands of health benefits of garlic and as a drug design life science major and fitness freak I know quite a bit about nutrition. Heres a run down of some health benefits of garlic in no particular order.

  1. Garlic is high in nutrition and low in calories
  2. Garlic improves cholesterol levels, reduces risk of heart diseases
  3. Garlic contains antioxidants against aging and reducing blood pressure
  4. Garlic prevents organ damage and heavy metal toxicity with the sulphur compounds that are found in garlic
  5. Garlic improves the immune system and helps against fighting sicknesses and colds (my mom taught me this one)

Well there you have it! Eat more garlic people! You might just live a little longer!

Oh yeah! Its also cheap! 5 garlics for 5 kr in Grønland! :)